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SpatialEdit is mainly used as a superior editor for PostGIS data or as a fantastic online web editing component. We would like to support all those working with open source and free software by providing an editor for free - this is what we call the personal edition.

The ultimate edition provides all you need to get in front on web editing. Contact us for a price and we will forward your request to one of our partners near you if you are interested.  
  Personal Ultimate
WMS + +
WFS + +
WFS-T   +
PostGIS + +
Oracle   +
ArcSDE   +
Database connections (per config) Unlimited 
 Number of tables (per conncetion) Unlimited 
Java Application 
Java Applet for Intranet  
Java Applet for Internet  
Secure access   +
Buffer +
Circle +
Spoint snap
Line snap
Advanced snap  
Java API  
JavaScript API  
Free Upgrades  
Users   Unlimited 
Support per email   Unlimited 
Price Free Ask
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