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SpatialEdit uses a unique way of combining WMS and WFS (or other feature sources), that reduces the traffic, while maintaining a nicely rendered image. It is possible to use Snap, Clip, Union etc. on features from a WFS while avoiding loading all vector data into the client.  


SpatialEdit connects to WMS servers for rendering background themes. Today you can buy WMS access to a lot of background or reference themes from mapping agencies or private providers. You don’t need to spend your time on cartography – they have done it for you.


When editing data you can utilize any WFS source for snapping or use the features to buffer, intersect or union. Watch an example here.

Oracle Spatial or Locator

SpatialEdit lets you edit your spatial data in Oracle – simple and easy. Do you use Oracle Enterprise Edition with Spatial or maybe Express Edition? It doesn’t matter. SpatialEdit works on all levels. Define how you want your primary keys generated and you are in business.


Have you chosen PostGIS and are you missing a good editor? We know how hard it is to find a good visual tool to edit spatial data in PostGIS – that is why we from the beginning chose to build in support for PostGIS out of the box.


You have invested in ArcSDE. You like it. But the budget for ArcGIS desktop klients and ArcGIS server licenses are drawing the funds out of you budget. Try SpatialEdit for all the standard editing and save big time.


Don’t worry! You want it secure and that is what you will get. We follow the newest standards and can even operate within a WS-federation if you what. Define the security level most appropriate for your organization and SpatialEdit will “plug-in” with an extra module from us. Please contact us for a discussion.   

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