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Use Cases

Use Cases

SpatialEdit will provide exeptional value in a number of cases. Please contact us if you have questions to a specific use case in your organisation.   

New to spatial data? 

You have decided that spatial information is a key factor in your business. You have invested in buying data and geocode your customers. But how will you maintain your data?

You DBA is a wizard with SQL but eventually you will have to correct spatial errors or add a new business location. SpatialEdit gives you the visual tool to modify the spatial data without have to invest in a bloated GIS desktop client that requires heaps of training. Download the standalone client, configure your tables and background themes and you are up and running!

Structured editing

Is spatial data an integrated part of your business and do you want to set the rules for editing? Use the database rules and give your staff an easy, well structured interface for maintaining data. SpatialEdit can easily be configured to fit multiple scenarios in your organization. We have plenty of examples so just contact us if you want to discuss your needs.

Service Oriented Architecture 

SpatialEdit can be launched in a browser and can be secured according to the newest standards. SpatialEdit speaks SOAP and follows the OGC standards. Define your service oriented architecture and plug-in SpatialEdit – it will work.

Desktop replacement 

Are you about to buy more desktop GIS clients or have you just looked on your budgets for GIS software and training recently? SpatialEdit can in most cases replace the majority of clients and new users don’t have to learn about projections, file formats, tables and indexes. It can be launched in a browser or as a standalone client and they will be up and running. 

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